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  • Pulp Riot Haircolour

    The Corner Spot recently acquired the full line of Pulp Riot Vivid colours and we love them! Not only do we get a chance to let our freak flags fly but we get to make our clients look rad AF!  The whole line is fully customizable  and that means we can mix a colour that is COMPLETELY unique to you!



    16 Vibrant and Pastel Semi-Permanent Colours that are easier to apply, more vibrant, lasts longer, and fades better.


    Same amazing benefits and performance of original 16 shades and are UV reactive.


    Same amazing benefits and performance of original 16 shades in muted earthy tones.

    Visit Pulp Riot’s website for more information

  • L’Oreal Instant Highlights











    L’Oreal Instant Highlights. We are so excited about this product because it means we can instantly lift hair up to 6 levels!

    By applying controlled concentrated heat to the specially formulated lightening cream we can safely and effectively cut processing time down by more than half!



    What does this mean for our clients?

    This means our clients who want a small pop of colour or just a few highlights around the face no longer have to sit and wait 20-30 minutes for the lightener to develop! Instead, each foil takes less than 30 SECONDS! What a time saver!

    For more information on this new product please click Here to visit the L’Oreal professional website.


  • Celeb Luxury Viral Colourwash and Colourditioner

    Don’t you just love when you find a product that solves all of your problems? We did, and we’re obsessed!

    The Celeb Luxury Viral line is the latest discovery at The Corner Spot. We love this product because it allows you unicorns and pastel lovers out there to keep your vivid colours fresh for longer in the most convenient way possible… while washing & conditioning your hair… IN THE SHOWER! Anyone who has ever had their hair bright colours knows how fast they fade and leave you with patchy spots. This product is the answer to extending the life of your colour and saving you money in salon.

    If you don’t want to shell out the cash for a whole bottle of the stuff because (much like myself) you change your hair like your underwear, you can book a shampoo with us here at The Corner Spot for a quick colour refresh.

    Take a look at their website for more information and inspiration at the link below!!



  • Gender equality in the hair industry.

    We get a lot of clients asking why a blow dry is not included in our haircut service. At The Corner Spot,  a blow dry and style are not included in the haircut service so that we can keep our men’s and women’s cuts the same price. Men’s cuts and Women’s cuts both require the same amount of skill as well as time and at The Corner Spot we believe that they should cost the same. A blow dry is what takes some more time than just a haircut and generally the reason women’s cuts cost more. Some people, given the option, would opt out of a blow dry if it meant they could save a few bucks so here, it is an optional service add on. However, we don’t ever allow clients to leave with wet hair (unless they want to) so we do quickly dry the hair after the cut no matter what. If you want a proper blow-out style please be sure to book one along with your haircut.

    -The Corner Spot.