• Hair Botox

    What is Hair Botox?

    Hair Botox is a long lasting deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with filler, repairing cracks and imperfections in the capillary cortex. The treatment is intensely hydrating, promotes hair growth with anti breakage benefits, repairs split ends, and improves overall shine without losing your natural texture.

    How is Hair Botox different from keratin treatments?

    Keratin treatments are a permanent chemical process that straightens the hair by filling gaps in the hair with keratin, a protein naturally found in hair. Hair Botox repairs damage by deeply conditioning the hair by coating the hair fibres with filler made up of amino acids, proteins, and vitamins.

    What treatment is best for my hair?

    There are pros and cons for both treatments and deciding what treatment is right for you boils down to what is right for your hair! Book a consultation with one of our staff to discuss your hair needs!

    How long does it last?

    Hair Botox treatments will offer semi-permanent results that typically last anywhere from 2-4 months, depending on how often you wash your hair and the products used at home.

    Book now and enjoy faster drying times, improved strength, and reduced frizz!