She’s a lot of things…. but most importantly she has been in the industry for 12 years and graduated from Marvel college. Her specialty is personalizing her haircuts to suit each client’s individual style and shape. She does an amazing balayage and can weave highlights like nobody’s business.


She’s been in the game for 13 years and graduated from Marca college. Tess is great at edgy and precision haircuts and while she’s good with all hair colours, no one knows a blonde better than a blonde…and Tess is very, very blonde.


She is our newest team member and has been in the industry for a whopping 12 years and has worked in Toronto’s east end for most of that time! She loves colouring and her passion lies in her craft of cutting. Meghan is serving you down to earth vibes paired with great conversation and a tailored approach to your hair.


She is our apprentice and graduated from Marca college April 2018 and is eager to learn not only from experience but from our seasoned staff. Most of her services are 20 percent less than our regular prices and you can guarantee you are in good hands with her! Give Adjeh a try for your next service and be a part of her journey to becoming a full-time stylist!


Tania has been working in the esthetics field for 13 years! she worked in a variety of places, SPA, Thermal facilities, salons, nail bars, massage centers, and now even in a super cool hair salon! She graduated from a vocational school in Italy, went on a study and gain work experience funded by the EU for a month in Poland, then moved to Canada 4 years ago. Her favorite services to perform are manicure/pedicure and massages. Book Tania on you next visit for most esthetics services!


Not only owns the joint, she wears many very fashionable hats. She is our receptionist, assistant, comedian, and professional hair washer. She has 6 years as a salon coordinator under her belt as well as 10 years of salon experience.